Rings and Where Have We Been

I know we've been a teeny bit inactive on the blog lately. But that's because of all the prolificacy we've been dealing with out there beyond the computer. Sometimes the ideas...they just take over.

And that, of course, is a good thing. In fact, it's the thing. We see ourselves as more than just designers. We see Moss Robot as an idea factory. Which means we have our hands (brains) in all sorts of different mediums.

Which also means that there are new things to come. And to start we'd like to quickly share some wooden rings we've been making.

The rings are made of Bocote, Zebrawood, Marblewood and Ziricote. And some, as you can see, are comprised of layers of more than one wood. They are elegant, yes? no? yes.

We're currently creating these in three distinct sizes. And have the ability to tweak those sizes for custom fits.
Different woods are also in the process now.  Out in the shop currently, we're introducing Macassar Ebony, Cocobolo and this really interesting piece of Ambrosia Maple.

 Really interesting.

More to come. And thanks for staying tuned. 

Matt and Lisa

First Ziricote Bangle

I still have to put a finish on this thing. But I thought I'd share my accomplishment for the day (and, yes, it took a large portion of the day).

The hole alone seems like it was hour in the making. This stuff is dense and heavy. This bangle weighs 50 pounds (no, it doesn't).

I've got enough wood to make about 6 or 7. And this one will be up for sale tomorrow.



Check out this piece of Ziricote I just picked up!
It comes from parts of Mexico and Central America. A very dense wood. But, I'm told that it's relatively easy to work with. And it's next up on the list for shaping.

A closer view below.
There are not many, if any, woods that have such a unique grain feature. I'm really looking forward to boring through this thing making something cool.

So, check back here or visit the etsy site for the final pieces I sculpt. I hope to have some bangles finished by tomorrow.