Hello again after another lengthy period away. We certainly didn't intend to snub all of September but...alas, we did. And these things happen. And we hope that September will just accept that and we can move on and be friends of some sort. Or acquaintances.
Just holiday cards?

This time we don't have just one big project to share. Instead, we have thrown ourselves into a number of activities over the last couple of months. And we are hopeful that these activities will grow into products that you will just love.

Oh, go on, love 'em.

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Felted Pendant Lights.
We've just begun a brand new design for pendant lights. Sculptural, felted branches cascading from a seamless form. Natural drama? We'll take it.

Felt Flower Necklaces. 
Our original felted necklaces were such a big hit last year that we're bringing them back. Production has started on millions of flowers (so many) of various colors.

The flowers are then beaded and sewn to cording like in the examples below.

Felt Pins.
We also combine the flowers and branch forms to create naturally-inspired brooches.


Felted Cashmere Capelets. 
These smart little numbers are a combination of pieces of cashmere knits mixed with hand-felted adornments and accents. They cover just enough of your bits to be toasty warm without being an overbearing protector. The capelets wrap around the shoulders and clasp just over the heart. Awww.  

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But, it's not all felt, of course. We've still been tinkering in the wood shop and hard at work on ye olde sewing machine.

Shoulder Bags.
A cheery, little light-weight bag that hugs your hip, messenger style, leaving your hands free for other fun. We've been honing these nuggets for a month or so now, calibrating shoulder to hip proportions, tweaking our pattern here and there and choosing fantastic colors. It's all very scientific. Right now, we are doing "test runs" on lovely models (lady friends). And we're nearing completion on a variety of colors in vinyl and suede.

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Wooden Spoons.
These wooden spoons are pretty fantastic to hold, we must say. They're made of Bocote (on left) and Ambrosia Maple and are finished nice and smooth. And the grain on both is a bit... bazow!

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And last but certainly not least...

Business Cards.
We are now armed with cards to distribute or throw in the air or pass secretly in handshakes. We are here, world!

Never felt so official.

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So, that's where we stand at the moment. Creating and readying a slew of items to launch in the etsy shop. And, additionally, we'll be launching our own online shop in the very near future. That's the goal, the dream. Our grand... wait for it... design.

Thanks for stopping in. 
Matt and Lisa

Six-Pack Plastic Pendant Lamp

We just finished up this intriguing lil' pendant lamp after about a year or so of being "in-progress." It's made out of six-pack rings, torn open at random breaking points and affixed with metal grommets.

And did we guzzle that many six-packs in order to complete this pendant? I'm sorry, what? I didn't hear the question. Well, how about we just show the pics.

The hanging apparatus.

The plastic, ripped apart and pushed together into a dense configuration, flows and stretches outward as though underwater.

She's jellyfish-like. She's entrancing. She pulls you in... closer...closer... but don't worry—this little beauty can't sting.

Swim away.

Unlit, she is no less a treat.  Her whole form glistens in natural light.
Anyone who sees her, knows the delights she holds within.

These were taken before the light was installed. We dangled her by a chain and eye hook from branches and let her soak in the sun. She's a natural. Except for the recycled plastic, of course.

Thanks for visiting. Hope you enjoyed our new girl. (psst. she's that pendant lamp.) We are both proud of her look and of keeping all of this plastic out of the landfill.

Comments are welcome. Or email us here if you like.

Matt and Lisa