Mirror Mirror

Oh, Mirror. We found you sitting all alone in a second-hand shop. You were once loved, but had been discarded. You were dirty and you were ugly. But, there was always something about you, wasn't there, Mirror. 

Yes, it seems there was. So we got you home and cleaned you up and helped you put on a fresh face.   


Triangles, you said, Mirror. Do you remember?

Triangles?, we asked.

Yes, triangles, you said. 


And something fancy, you added. Something for the Hollywood stars. Something shiny. I want to be a star, you said.

We rolled our eyes. But, sure, we said. ...Something for the star. 

How about a burst of metallic? And you grinned that delightful grin of yours, didn't you, Mirror? Oh yes, you did. 


And surely you would need a new suit, we supposed. That country-style brown just wouldn't do for you anymore.  

I want them to see me, you said. See that I am not just another mirror. 

We looked at each other, not exactly sure where this was going. 

Pure white, you whispered, with the twilight sky reflecting off you. Pure white.


White, we thought. Yes, that's wond—

They will see me, you charged back. They will see and they will know. They will know this mirror and stand and stare and call me by name.  

There. Look there, they will say. It's Mirror Mirror.


And, oh my, we said.  

Matt and Lisa