Kapsyl Öpnnare (Bottle Opener)


Sweden. A country. One of winter coats, strange daylight hours and mysterious umlauts. And also one time I had a little sausage thing there that came with some raspberry-ish sauce that was oh my gosh so delicious. Especially in the wee hours in which it was eaten. But that's another story.
Sweden. Congratulations. You're doing your thing. And your ambassadors are growing in numbers here in the US.

Our custom-made Swedish Tap Handles inspired some other expats and ancestral kin who long for a little Swedish touch of the motherland. And in that spirit we designed and built this handy and hardy bottle opener.

Made with hard maple and yellowheart and finished with a clear polyurethane.

Legend has it if you grab yourself a Swedish brand beer and pop off the cap with this Swedish-flag-styled opener, Abba will magically appear and grant you three meatballs.

Matt and Lisa