Pretty Bird


Fancy a bit of inexpensive luxury? Well, you're in luck. There are some serious hidden gems to be discovered at second hand shops all across this great land and beyond. This gorgeous lady was found all alone in a rough part of the store, lost, dirty, crazy eyes, the works!

But her molding lines and hardware revealed some forgotten days of glamor. A tenacious spirit. A calming, graceful presence in the room.


Firstly, there was some worn out drawer slides. She'd been roughed up, for sure. Used hastily. Disrespected. So, we cut up some nice ash slats and went along drawer by drawer to get her working just right. Got her confidence back.


Slow and gentle was the way, of course. She still had to get through plenty of spot gluing, scratch and dent filler and sanded edges. Nary a complaint, either. Building trust, hope and all that...


Once the hard work was done, she could relax knowing that what lay ahead was all candy and roses. She had a fresh, bright coat of paint applied to make her shine and we returned her cleaned-up, original hardware to the drawers because you can't forget where you came from.


We also added a couple brass bird pulls to the top drawers and a little ceramic bluebird on her new display shelf to remind her of her new freedom. Her dazzling future. She loved them.

Fallen on hard times, cast aside and looked down upon, this is who she's always really been. Strong, elegant and fun. We're so proud of her.


Thanks for stopping in. And get out there in search of diamonds in the rough. There's more like our pretty bird that need rescuing.

Matt and Lisa