We are not minimalists.

Our studio is splattered with little visual treats. We are accumulators by nature and any and all found curios and quickly-made concepts inevitably make their way onto shelves and trays and tables and sills.

We try to stop ourselves. We try to keep it under control, try to keep from being overrun with objects. But we aren't minimalists. We want layers and a thickness of inspiration around us. We want the stories these objects give us. We want their colors, their shapes.

They are sculptures. They are ideas. They are locations, adventures, memories and fantasy. They are a collective history that grows unceasingly. More layers. More ideas.

Maybe, they are the pieces of an ongoing work inspired by our connection to each other. Because together they will provide a rich and profound explanation of us that we plainly could not supply on our own.

So, we worry less and less about being overrun by objects. And, instead, revel in the layers and the expanding jungle of inspiration.

Matt and Lisa