Cork Spools

This certainly isn't an original idea. But it is a good idea. And it sort of felt like an original idea when my brain told it to itself. Aha! Cork! Spools! ...Cork spools!

So, gusto: check. Plenty of cork and scattered, knotted, tangled cords and wires:


Cork is just one of those things that we never throw away. Can't bring ourselves to throw them away. Same goes for a great wine or liquor bottle. We always have grand plans to cut them. But cutting glass bottles isn't easy.

And on that note, I did just recently find this video from Green Power Science that makes cutting glass bottles look real easy. Have a look.
Bottle Cutting.

Meanwhile, back at cork spools.

We got into this box of chaos. Pulled. Pulled. And pulled. And pulled, until we got some strings separated. ...And then pulled and pulled some more.

And the results of our dividing and conquering are below.

Here are all the wild things together now—tamed by cork.

Small projects can be a lot of fun. As can wine. So, why not go out and get you a case of red and start sorting through your own box of chaos.