Ode to Zebrawood

Zebrawood. Zebrawood. Zebrawood. Your stripes are sleak and svelt.
Your wonderfulness is a mystery.
And you gave my brain a welt.
                                              -unknown author (no, it was me. just now)

This here zebrawood put up a fight.
I added tools to my armory for this thing.

But I also streamlined my process.
So, tit for tat and all good things have silver clouds and amen.


But that's not all!

I've also started on metal inlays.
Bronze, to be exact. Have a look at this one I made for my sister-in-law:

photo by Regan Wood, stolen with pride from instagram

Bronze is harder to get your hands on than you might think.
But... the internet came through in the end.
Try out onlinemetals.com
if you have the ..."metal desire"...dibs on that band name.