First Bracelet

I've been tooling around in the work shed lately, scheming, building, playing. but, mostly sanding. Because it's all about the sanding at the end of the day. Standing and sanding.

I keep a lot of thick branches around. These are branches that have either come crashing down from our monster trees or have been cut down by me because I like using a saw. I've got oak, mulberry and some pine from my neighbor.

But I've had this Christmas fir trunk from a couple years ago that caught my eye as a perfect specimen to make a prototype. Basically, it has the right thickness to bore a 2.25" hole through.

So, I cut off a half inch slice with a miter saw. Bored through it with a 2.25" hole bit on the drill. Cut the angles with a dremel cutting wheel. And then sanded and sanded and sanded and sanded... until the outside was flat with crisp edges and the inside was curved.

For finishing, I dipped half the bracelet in stain. Let that dry. Then dipped the opposite half in a poppy-colored paint I found amongst the myriad cans of paint we've accumulated. You'd think we ran a painting business there's so many cans.

What came of it is what you see here. And I hope to have it and others like it seen on etsy in the very near future. I've got a mulberry bracelet finished, as well and I'll post that soon. But, there are lots of great woods out there in the world beyond my yard. Zebrawood. Bloodwood. Jobillo.

Oh, yeah. I'm coming for you Jobillo...