Holey Brick Walkway 2

The laying down of the bricks is over! They've been placed upon the earth and the sun shone upon them and there was a little bit of rain there at the end, but all in all a fairly event-free operation.

And it's a pretty straight path, if I do say so. I had a few moments of panic (veering left) but nothing that couldn't be fixed. It can always be fixed. A 'tap, tap' here or there with the mallet and your back on track.

Once the bricks were down, the pavers needed to be dealt with. As you know from the previous post those pavers were anxious to get out there and show their stuff. And what a lovely job they've done.

On the one end closest to the house I just dug down a little, plopped in a paver sideways and brushed the dirt back towards it to secure it, nice and firm. then repeated that process three more times.

On the opposite end I wanted a little something different.

The pavers we had were left over from a different project. They were the rejects, in fact, from that project. Which is to say that they are not perfect squares or rectangles. They have angled edges from being cut. Cut by somebody else. These pavers were from the Reuse Center. So, cut by who knows who. you maybe. anybody.

Anyhow, using the angled edges to some advantage I was able to create a quick and easy pattern that will welcome one and all to this here brick walkway. And I'm happy with it.

Next up will be the river stones. Get them into all the holes. And then some sand to sweep around and fill the spaces. And then that pesky gravel business. And don't even get me started on that sidewalk!