Stones. Gravel. Sand. Life? ...think about it.

At any rate, the walkway is essentially completed. I filled the holes with the river stones (those are the bigger ones you can see) and then went over those with the pea gravel (smaller things).

Once the holes were nice and loaded I spread paver sand over the whole walkway with a broom. And those little sand granules dive into any crevice they can find. They pack in by the thousands. Locking the bricks together. Holding the stones and peas in place. And generally keeping the world from falling apart. Although, that last bit is just speculation.

Certainly, though, any way you look at it, sand is vital. And I'm thankful. As we all should be. But, I digress.

So, at the end of the day this was a pretty simple process and, more importantly, a pretty cheap one, as well. The bricks were free. A bag of river stones, a bag of pea gravel and a bag of sand all cost about 4 dollars a piece. Labor was absorbed by my body and cost me some sore muscles, a few cuts and an abundance of sweat.

There was also a momentarily hair-raising experience with what may or may not have been a black widow spider. But, said spider was immediately flung, smushed and smeared, so we're left with only the anxiety and fear for another sudden encounter with something black, bulbous and leggy.

But I've got a new mantra now that goes: Shoes and Gloves are Good. Shoes and Gloves are Good. Shoes and Gloves are Good...